Our rooms

We have six spacious rooms with private bathroom inside, different from each other and bright. Every room we have decorated with special care to delight as much as possible, their stay.

To distinguish our rooms we have inspired the names of neighborhoods in our city, some of which still remain in their soil the precious hydraulic mosaic, well it used in the past.

Our beds are very comfortable dressed with mattresses, pillows and high-quality textiles and trust that your rest will be complete.

Our rooms have flat-screen 40. "

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Double "El Carme"

"El Carmen" is named one of the neighborhoods that are part of the old town, Ciutat Vella. It is an ancient neighborhood that grew between two walls: the Muslim and the new Christian wall. Currently it is also a cosmopolitan and cultural district.

This room and bathroom have an area of ​​25,65 sqm with King size double bed 180x200cm and has a balcony.

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Double "La Seu"

"La Seu" named after one of the most famous neighborhoods of the old town, Ciutat Vella. It contains the points most famous sights: the Cathedral, the Plaza de la Virgen and the beautiful Basilica of the Virgin. The best way to discover "La Seu" is getting lost in its narrow streets, the result of an interesting mix of history and modernity.

This room and bathroom have an area of ​​22.76 m² with King size double bed 180x200cm.

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Double Superior "La Xerea"

"The Xerea" is the name of the neighborhood in which we stand and its origin comes from the Arabic Bab-Al-Xaria (Gate of the Law), name given to a Muslim gates that surrounded the city of Valencia.

This room is undoubtedly our most special room. Besides being the most spacious room 30.87 m², retains details plaster ceiling and walls and original mosaic of the time. In the center of the room there is a double bed of 150x200cm with a large wardrobe and headboard.

It has two balconies, one overlooking the beautiful street of Peace.

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Double "Russafa"

"Russafa" is the name of one of the trendiest neighborhoods of the city. Its name comes from an Arab poet who lived in it. Also called "Ruzafa" is an area of ​​interest, as it has important buildings and is also remarkable its nightlife.

This room and private bath with an area of ​​22.74 m² has a double bed of 150x200cm, a balcony overlooking the street of Peace.

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Triple "Malva-rosa"

"La Malva-rosa" is the name of the famous seaside neighborhood of Valencia, seaside neighborhood located on marshland where fishing huts stood in origin. This neighborhood is home to the most famous beach area of ​​the city and owes its name to the plant that once inhabited this area.

This room and bathroom have an area of ​​22.69 m², has three single beds 90x200cm, overlooking the street of Peace.

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Double Twin "L´Eixample"

Or also called "Eixample", this area is one of the best examples of nineteenth-century urban cities. Here we find the most remarkable public building in the area, the Mercado de Colón, one of the jewels of modernism in Valencia.

This room and private bath with an area of ​​22.44 m² with two separate beds 105x200cm and street views of Peace.

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    +34 961 361 246 (From 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Monday to Saturday, and Sundays and holidays from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.)
  • Address: C/ Luis Vives 5, 2o, esquina con Calle de la Paz. Valencia.
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